Best Website Builders – Our Review/Tests for 2018

Website builders are a phenomenal option for individuals and small business owners who want to create a website without the expense of hiring a web designer. However, it can be challenging for beginners to find the right website builder.

There are a number of options available, so how do you know if you have found the right option for your needs? In this article we are going to look at some of the best website builders, give a brief review of each one, and provide you with tips that you can use to get the most out of your website builder.

#1 – Wix

This powerful cloud-based website builder is easy to use, offers powerful features, and makes building your website simple. Wix is a fully hosted platform, which means that you have no additional out-of-pocket cost for hosting.


You can push your creativity to the max since Wix offers hundreds of templates that you can use for the design of your website. Each template features an intuitive design. The templates are fully editable, making designing your new website a breeze.

There are a number of paid apps and free apps that can be installed on your website. These apps increase the range of functionality and add new features on your website. Many of the apps that are available are created by Wix. Other apps have been designed by third-party developers looking to meet the needs of website designers.

Hosting Options

Wix has a free plan with a limited amount of storage and limited bandwidth. Many use this free plan as a way to test drive the platform. If after designing your site you want to add a domain name and keep your website, you can upgrade to a premium plan. Wix offers free SSL with all of their plans. You simply need to turn it on.

The free plan Wix offers comes with a branded subdomain. For only $9.16 a month, you can connect to your own domain name. With their combo plan, starting at around $15 a month, you will be provided with a free domain name. The hosting package for e-commerce costs $26.25 a month.

Extra Features and Support

The artificial design intelligence feature is really what makes Wix great for new web designers. It first asks you a few questions. Based on your answers, it guides you in designing tailored websites. The ADI feature is something you can play around with for free to get a feel for designing your website.

Wix offers comprehensive support tools, videos, and a help center. Simply type your questions into their search box and you will be provided an answer in short order. They have great phone support. However, there is no live chat currently available.

#2 – WordPress

Twenty-eight percent of the websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. This makes WordPress the most popular website building platform on the planet.

WordPress comes in two versions. There is and is the more commonly used version as it allows users to install plug-ins, has SEO features, offers branding freedom, and offers full theme support.


We are fans of WordPress because it is powerful, scalable, easy-to-use, and ultimately popular. WordPress gives you unbelievable control over every aspect of your website, something that is not available with all of the website builders on our list.

WordPress allows you complete control of every facet of your website. You can use WordPress to build any type of website, ranging from social network sites to membership websites to e-commerce stores. Thanks to the thousands of pre-designed WordPress themes, you can easily start building a site that matches your needs.

Hosting Options

WordPress is free, but you will need to purchase a domain name and web hosting. Thankfully, some of the best web hosts in Singapore are fast, reliable, affordable, and work well with WordPress.

WordPress offers more than 50,000 free plug-ins. A plug-in is a mini app for your website that instantly provides you with features and functionality. Since WordPress is translated into dozens of languages, you can quickly and easily create multilingual websites.

#3 – BoldGrid

BoldGrid offers a new take on website building. It is a builder that works in conjunction with WordPress. It can be used as a WordPress plug-in, or it can be used as a complete hosted website builder suite.


Offering an amazing gallery of themes, BoldGrid lets you design a wide range of professional websites. Using their drag and drop customizer, you can customize the basic designs offered in their themes. By simply clicking on an item, you can preview it and edit its properties. You are able to do things like adjust fonts, layouts, navigation menus, widgets, and colors.


BoldGrid, at its most basic form, is available for free as a download. You will need to have a WordPress hosting account and domain name already installed to use it. We recommend searching for the best web host in Singapore as these will allow you to get the most out of your BoldGrid platform.

Extra Features

BoldGrid lets you create staging websites. This means that you’re able to test out your designs, look at the layouts, make sure the plug-ins are working, and get a good feel for your theme prior to making it live for the world to see.

Thanks to the WYSIWYG page editor, the guesswork of editing pages in WordPress disappears. What you see on the page editor is what you get on the window. BoldGrid has GridBlocks. This allows you to seamlessly use drag-and-drop elements to build a page layout from scratch.

All of the themes BoldGrid offer are prepared to work with WooCommerce. You can easily create an E storefront using the drag-and-drop builder offered with this platform.

#4 – SITE123

SITE123 is a website builder that is full of amazing features. It is designed to help newbies quickly build attractive websites that are functional from scratch.


This is a user friendly platform that is perfect for beginners. Since it uses a drag-and-drop method for website design, even novices will be able to quickly and effortlessly create an attractive and responsive website.

If you have more than one website, you can manage them from the same account. Of course, there is a separate fee for each separate site, but to be able to manage a number of sites from the same account is a unique feature that other website builders do not have.

Hosting Options

SITE123 offers affordable pricing. They offer a free package, which is very limited. The next step up will cost you around $9.98 a month, which will be billed annually. Their hosting is reliable. They have fast load times and only minor downtimes.

Support and Extra Features

SITE123 offers a different system when compared to the traditional templates most website builders offer. Instead of offering templates, users are given 13 customizable layouts. These layouts are very easy to change and are flexible.

To add extra layers to your website, SITE123 provides a variety of tools. This way, you can tweak your website, giving it special touches that make it uniquely yours.

SITE123 works well with a lot of third-party plug-ins. This is great if you plan to use things like analytic tools and webmaster tools. The tools make it easier for advanced users and owners of online businesses to get the most out of the platform.

SITE123 offers customers a great support database. This allows you to find the answers to the most common questions you might have. A plus is that they offer live chat support that is fast and helpful.

#5 – Weebly

This web builder is easy to use and offers users a host of amazing designs. Its intuitive crafted build page lets you edit your website, even though you do not have coding skills.


As a fully hosted platform, Weebly does not require you to install or manage software. The hosting and the managing of the software runs in the background, and they take care of all of that. Weebly comes equipped with a number of amazing and attractive website designs. These website designs serve as a perfect starting point for you to build your website. These attractive and modern designs are completely editable, using the live page editor.

Extra Features

Weebly has built-in e-commerce support. You can quickly design an online store and start selling. Built in features including photo galleries, contact forms, and sliders allow you to create a responsive interactive site that your users will love. You can add features to your website without a complicated setup process.

Hosting Options

Weebly is fully hosted. You will need to use the hosting features that they offer. Weebly does charge three percent for every e-commerce transaction that happens via their site. By upgrading to a business plan, some of these fees can be avoided.

Weebly has a basic plan that’s completely free. From there, their plans start at $8 a month and gradually go up to $25 a month, depending on the services you require.

#6 – is perfect for individuals looking to build a simple site and not have to write any code. It has a drag-and-drop editor that loads quickly. The friendly tutorial gets you up and started in just a few minutes.


SiteBuilder focused on creating a platform that is easy to use. To get started, you don’t need to enter payment details or even your name. Since SiteBuilder supports Social Login, you are able to get started using Facebook or your Google account. This saves so much time and hassle.

From there, it’s straight to business. You select a template, and the template editor appears. It’s fast and inviting. You don’t have to worry about clutter. has a number of clean, crisp templates that you can use. Templates are divided by industry. If you upgrade to their paid plan, you are presented with hundreds of other templates you can use.

The templates are designed to be mobile friendly and have a number of preloaded free images. This means that with a few clicks, your site can be up and fully running in no time.

Extra Features

A unique feature of SiteBuilder is its built in photo editor. This photo editor is powered by Adobe. Adobe is the genius behind Photoshop. However, it is a lot easier to use than Adobe Photoshop. It offers a toolbar with options to decorate your pictures, add stickers, crop your photos, and enhance your photos.

The editor built for SiteBuilder is free to use. This means you don’t have to waste time or money fixing your images using separate software. Since the photo editor is designed to work with the template editor, you are able to produce quick and professional looking results.

Customer Support

SiteBuilder provides good customer support. They offer billing support, live chat, a contact us section, tech support, and a FAQ page. It’s easy to search the site and find answers to your questions on their support page. With their live chat, answers are given almost instantaneously.

SiteBuilder offers competitive pricing at around $80 a year for their more basic services.

A Few Honorable Mentions

While not making our top six list, other website builders you may want to consider include:

SquareSpace, which offers:

  • More Than 40 Templates
  • Free Domain Name and Privacy
  • Instant Account Sign-Up and Activation
  • Decent Page Loading Times

JIMDO, which offers:

  • 17 Unique Templates
  • Ability to Get Your Site up and Running in Less Than One Hour
  • Contact Us Forms, an FAQ Page, and a Knowledge Base

Our goal with this review was to give you an unbiased look at what your best options are for web builders. Our conclusion is the following:

  • Wix is your best all-around option. You won’t be disappointed, and you won’t overpay.
  • Wix is the best option for beginners and those needing e-commerce.
  • WordPress works well for beginners and offers the most flexibility for advanced users. Set up takes a little bit longer, but you are able to achieve more layered and intuitive results.